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Mechanical operations

 The specialists of RAP Tronic carry out metal cutting work on high-quality general purpose machines (turning machine, cutter, drilling machine, metal cutting machine, tool grinding machine, etc.) for the development of benchmarks in the mechanical subsets of the work designed, as well as the production of required auxiliary devices.

The proper equipment means that production increases and significantly diminishes costs at the end of the execution. This ensures the additional quality of the products and short execution times. In the case of metal products, our equipping allows us to perform lamina cutting on the mechanical block cutter of up to 8 mm in thickness and 2.5 m in length, bending of 2.5 m in length, and rolling of up to 12 mm in thickness and 2.5 m in length. The fitting and mounting operations are executed with extra attention for smooth operation of the assembly.


RAP Tronic performs welding work at the highest quality standards. The weldings are performed by experienced professionals in the field, trained in Western Europe, and licensed by ISCIR. The most common welding operations provided by RAP Tronic specialists include:

  • welding operations in argon protective environment, with high resistance and sealing for stainless steel
  • welding operations in CO2 protective environment with automatic wire addition for all types of steel
  • electric and autogenous welding