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Our team

We thrive in an ever-changing industry and environment due to our people. RAP Tronic grew along a diverse team of engineers, highly skilled technicians, and experts in various departments (sales, marketing, procurement, human resources, finance), all with a passion for engineering and project management.

Bogdan Urdea

Engineering Director

Convinced that Simplicity encourages educated decisions and generates valuable results, Bogdan's personal mission is to inspire people to act in effective and enthusiastic ways.

+40 726.222.843

Claudia Popa

Financial Director

Claudia is very competent in Finance and provides the confidence to that we will continue to be successful, with solid financial results.

+40 744.540.968

Sorin Gherghel

General Director

Sorin believes that our focus is to handle each project as unique while doing something extraordinary for our clients, colleagues, partners and communities.

+40 736.354.232

Miodrag Tomici

Business Development Manager

Miodrag is an action person with a solid technical knowledge and experience in a multinational environment. Good attitude and behaviour, always taking responsibility for his actions.

+40 733.007.628

Daniel Faina

Sales Director

Daniel has an entrepreneurial mindset. He is looking continuously for opportunities to serve better our clients and differentiate ourselves from competition.

+40 728.108.622

Monica Brătucu

Procurement Director

+40 725.533.329

Radu Grigore

HR Director

Radu partners with key executives across the businesses to drive employee engagement, morale, and performance in an environment experiencing external and internal organizational change.

+40 724.541.432

Iulian Grama


Iulian works relentessly with suppliers and project managers to find the best agreements regarding price, delivery and payment terms. He supports the bidding and design departments with commercial or technical proposals.

Crina Titilincu


Always smiling and positive, Crina extends her vibrant attitude and energy to everyone around her.

Robert Porumboiu

Manager SoftOne Project

Robert is a programmer so if you want a thing to be done quickly and well, ask him to solve the problem. If he does not find a solution to the problem, he is open to new ideas, and will not stop until he finds a way to address your needs.

Mihaela Rotaru


Well structured and focused, Mihaela understands that success can be achived only by setting up goals, planning, working with passion and perseverance. She is enthusiastic about her work on projects and brings cohesion to our team.

Florin Foica

Project Manager

With a strong mindset of thinking right then working fast, Florin is leading our production department based on his own discipline and honest purposes.

Cosmin Solomon

Project Engineer

Cosmin’s ambition is to translate the complicated into simplified alternatives. He believes in the power of possibility and takes his time to prove it!

Radu Josu

Project Engineer

Radu experiences first hand the ramification of engineering design into project management and further into client's results.

Ștefan Tompea

Sales Engineer

With a very high ability to deeply focus and great rapidity, Ștefan is able to use his top design skills in finding the best technical innovations for a better future.

Viorel Dogaru

Project Engineer

Pushed by innovation and creativity, respecting people and environment, Viorel is shaping the world around him by using design as a way of expression.

Ciprian Maftei

Project Manager

Ciprian manages his projects with diligence and dedication assuring an efficient communication with all stakeholders. He is constantly improving his capabilities and skills as a professional Project Manager.

Claudiu Botez

Program Manager

With a long tenure within the company, Claudiu set up a high standard of project management. He is striving to constantly improve our standards, while addressing clients real needs.

Cristian Nicoară

Project Manager

Cristian has a solid background in a multinational environment. We capitalize on his relevant knowledge and experience to constantly challenge and improve our performance.

Ștefan Roșca

Project Manager

With a strong technical experience, Stefan put all efforts and determination to deliver his projects succesfully and to achieve clients goals. He is capable to find solutions in almost impossible situations.

Adelin Chiva

Project Engineer Manager

Adelin believes that there is no shortcut or easy way, only people determined to push their limits in order to succeed.

Bianca Pană

Sales Assistant

Bianca works relentlessly with the sales team to ensure timely and precise client facing communication. She holds a solid background in sales and marketing and is a pivotal member of our team.

Dragoș Mazăre

Sales Engineer

Dragoș is an experienced sales engineer that expertly balances costs, deadlines and quality.

Alexandru Cociu

Sales Engineer Lead

Having a proactive, collaborative, and committed approach to work, our Sales Engineer Alexandru, is actively driving and managing the technical solution evaluation for our Clients, ensuring that all Raptronic products and solutions are maintained at the highest level and reflect best practices.

Cătălin Crișan

Senior Buyer

Cătălin is a seasoned buyer with many years of international experience in complex transactions involving negotiations, supply chain management, and logistics.

Radu Chiriac

Senior buyer

In an ever changing business environment, Radu delivers consistency and reliability through persistence and patience, kindness and integrity.

Laura Tanase


Cristian Soare

Project Manager

Csaba Boros

Project Manager

Daniel Icatoiu

Project Engineer

Claudia Butnariu

Sales Engineer

Filipoaia Claudiu

Project Engineer

Nicu Andrei Claudiu

Automation Engineer

Aron Adrian

Electrical Project Engineer

Marius Ștefan

Sales Representative