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About us

RAP Tronic provides complete process engineering solutions and services, characterized by impeccable project management and a high degree of customization of solutions.

RAP Tronic is the main company of the RAP Group. The company’s specialization consists in the equipment development and process technologies for clean production environments, such as the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and beverage industries. Specifically, we develop and manufacture industrial raw material handling equipment product transfer equipment, industrial dosing equipment, industrial mixing equipment, industrial tempering equipment, industrial chocolate equipment, industrial snacks equipment and industrial beer equipment. For more than 25 years, RAP Tronic has experienced powerful and continuous growth. It diversified its scope by implementing projects of major technical complexity. The company has developed projects in multiple fields, in all continents, and became a leader in targeted markets and industries.

Quality of the services is guaranteed throughout the entire production process from the moment the raw materials enter the factory, to the last stage when the technological process is completed.


Key elements


We constantly learn from the projects we deliver and from our clients. That’s why it’s easier for us to understand the challenges of a new task and to adapt to the beneficiary’s specific needs regarding technical solutions, delivery terms, customization, and costs.



There are no two identical projects we deliver. And the fun part of our job is to always find specific answers for every assignment we receive. We work closely with clients to understand their needs and develop personalized solutions.



Complex missions involve multiple departments, engineers, and technicians, various languages, and even different working approaches. We take care of it all by understanding the big picture, organizing tasks and workers, evaluating risks, and avoiding dead ends.



Over the years we’ve gained experience in analyzing situations and delivering solutions to every aspect of a project. Of course, we can’t say we know it all. But where some give up, we discover opportunities. We’re up to the challenge to reach solutions at every stage of a project.